To all Mod Mill friends,

I have just completed production of a two-disc DVD Set about The Mill.  Those were the best years of my life, and I have a big scrapbook plus boxes full of other photos, slides and newspaper articles.  These extraordinary visuals and chronicles mean a lot to me and I was sure they would be enjoyed by anyone who knew that magical spot, and it’s history.

The DVD Set is entitled “The Mod Mill Scrapbook” and includes 15 chapters with a total length of over 5 hours. The images have all been digitally enhanced and edited to look the best possible.

Chapter 1 is a history of the old mill, a description of the Mod Mill club formation and operation, the taking and destruction of the building by The Pennsylvania Department of Highways and the efforts to relocate and keep the club alive.  This chapter is a 10-minute documentary and is narrated by me. The old photos give a visual tour of the many rooms in The Mill and the fun, music and the people that made the magic happen for all of us.

Chapter 2 is an 8mm silent film shot in 1968/69 that will take you back to all the sights, the feeling, the music, the dancing, and the dress.  The High Keys are on stage, and the members dance in a circle to the song that had become our signature -  The Youngbloods -”Get Together”.

Other chapters include a slide show that features many members of the staff – cooks, waitresses, bartenders, and security.  Also, you will see a slideshow of the original entertainers who performed at The Mill.  Slides of the entertainment schedules as published in “The Choaf Scene” monthly newspaper end this chapter.  The soundtrack for this segment is a live recording of “The Limits” at The Mod Mill during their farewell performance in 1967.

The next chapter is a slideshow that is just a collection of photos of the People of The Mill.  (you may be in it !)  There are hundreds of faces in the photos -  many of our famous “Smoochie Game” and our Halloween Costume Parties.

The last chapters cover the Reunions held in 2009, 2010 and 2014.  These segments highlight many of the very talented young performers who played on the Mod Mill Stage and had kept that talent alive to this day.  In 2009 at Musikfest in Bethlehem – The Limits reunite and welcome Joe Colarusso and Steve Molchany to join them on stage.

Reunion 2010 at The Meadows in Hellertown headlined the amazing reuniting of The High Keys with Johnny Defrancesca, Joe Colarusso, Marty Druckman and Gino Schimpf.  Other headliners were The Limits, Fiasco and Paragon, the house band at The Meadows.

Reunion 2014 was also at The Meadows and this time, we filled both banquet rooms.  The Large Flowerheads performed in one room with full sets of their award winning dance music of the 60’s. Two songs feature Tommy Zito on keyboards and vocals as a rare and special treat. Tommy was one of the three honoured VIP Emcees along with Joe Colarusso and Freddie Frederick Sr.

In the other room, there was a super Jam Session with classic musicians, many who actually played at The Mill.  The DVD Set has nine chapters of HD video opening with Gina Ross, backed by former members of The Dooley Invention and a set with A Band Called Clyde with a cameo of Nan GerHart.  Chapter 13 features The Jim Young Jam with Tommy Crist, Dan Frederick,  Joe Mayernik, and Skip Romagnoli. During the set, Jim Young’s son Marc, who is now also a very successful musician,  joins his father for dual keyboards and four hands. A separate chapter includes a tribute to Jim’s father “Ragtime Charlie Young,  who would regularly play honky-tonk piano and lead sing-a-longs at the Mod Mill’s “Old Timers Nites” every few months.  Charlie recorded at least four albums for RCA and would often play at the “Old Mill Inn” for Eddie Sachs, Indianapolis 500 race driver, who operated the mill in the years before The Mod Mill.

The Finale chapter of the 2014 Reunion is The Joe Colarusso Jam with Kevin Lang, June Thomas, Scott Ward, Wayne Maura and Bill Lance from the original “Jay & The Techniques”.   Emmitt Harris joins the Jam with a  tremendous performance of “Purple Rain”.

Due to missing video footage from the 2014 Reunion,  four former members of The Dooley Invention staged a special “re-take” show at Pitcher’s Lounge in Allentown.  The final chapter captures these classic musicians in the full 30-minute set that was performed at the reunion and features Richie Kerecz, Dave Wagner, Amedeo Borsetti and Wayne Achey.

This project grew to epic proportions.  A visual and audio keepsake that those who attended The Mod Mill, those who are interested in the history of the area and the extreme talent of our homegrown musicians, will certainly enjoy and want to show to family and friends.

Due to the costs involved in the creation, I need to collect $24.95 per album plus any shipping expense.  Any excess will be kept in the Mod Mill account to help with future projects.

I am working on an online method of ordering but for now, just contact me by email or phone and I will send yours to you by mail.  The new Mod Mill Phone number is 610-714-9025.  I don’t mind calls anytime between 9 am and 9 pm.   My email is – you can also send a check or money order for $29.95 (includes shipping) payable to “Mod Mill” and mail to Mod Mill, 2800 Long Run Road,  Lehighton, PA 18235.

Thanks for the memories and your support through the years!

Jerry Deane

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Reunion 2014 – A big success – Thanks to You

by Jerry Deane on November 17, 2014

The Mod Mill Reunion Sunday November 9th  at The Meadows was so great and there are so many to thank for making it fun and meaningful to everybody.  I thanked as many people as I could in person but there are so many more I couldn’t get a chance to thank and to hug. Here is a partial list of those very special Mod Mill Supporters:

The VIP Host Emcees that have had a huge success in their entertainment career and were very important to the Mill when it was open:  Joe Colarusso, Fred Milander, (Freddie Frederick, Sr.) and Tommy Zito.

The many musicians that gave us their time and talent: (not quite a complete list – sorry) First among them is Rich Kerecz who stepped up and spent a lot of time organizing the Jam Session players and Solo Performers.

The Dooley Invention original rhythm section – Along with Richie it was Dave Wagner, Wayne Achey, and Amedeo Borsetti

Gina Ross and Nan GerHart of I, She & Me – Still sounding great!

The Band Called Clyde – Paul Greig (Liberty), Jim Brekus, Vince Parke, Ron Shirey

Jim Young with his son Marc Young with Tommy Crist, Wayne Maura, Joe Mayernik, Rick Mizur, Danny Frederick

Joe Colarusso with June Thomas, Kevin Lang, Jim Lance, Emmitt Harris and others who jumped in.

A BIG thanks to the great 60’s music show from The Large Flowerheads.  I never heard them better!

To those original Mod Mill Staff members and Membership Committee who came to reminisce – John Barry, Dale Schuman, Dave Moyer, Kim Winzer, Jim Stocklas, Steve and Maryann Hacker

And to those who said they really wanted to be there but could not – Steve Molchany and Kelly Molchany – Steve, battling enormous health problems and Kelly, always there for him.  My thanks for the huge contribution they made to the 2010 Reunion. It was Mike McKenna who spearheaded a very big poster board for everyone to sign as a “Get Well Card” for Steve.  A collection was taken up to help with his medical expenses. Others on this list are Bob Mohr, Pam DiMenichi, Hub Wilson, Dave Fry, Joe Drumheller, Lynette McKeever Clark, Dave Sestak and many more. And to Rick Levy of The Limits who phoned in to speak to us all from his home in Florida.

Others to thank are those that worked behind the scenes and added so much – Marty Bennicoff and his crew from Rock & Roll Farmer Productions – Extra special sound work; Colleen Zajacik with the Large Flowerheads for handling the tickets perfectly;  Russell, Denise and Kim of The Meadows for doing extra for a very reasonable cost.

To Bill Carmody and his staff at TechniCom Audio & Visual for sponsoring the big screen monitors and stage lighting.

To Michael McKenna and Kris Hilliard for all the great photography

A special “thank you” from me to my friend and fellow club owner from the 60’s, Ken Bray.

I promise to spend a lot of time on our web site adding pictures of this reunion and more original photos of The Mill.  Check in often and please keep in touch with me with your news and memories – send electronic copies of any photos you may have.

Thank you, everybody who joined in our celebration!

It has been an honor to know you.  Until we meet again.

Jerry Deane


Tickets for Reunion 2014 are NOW ON SALE

October 2, 2014

Tickets for the November 9th Mod Mill Reunion are NOW ON SALE.  Check the prior post below for all details.  We want to assure everyone who buys a ticket will have a seat and to make it very easy to get this done, we are running all purchases through the Large Flowerheads web site and [...]

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Our Next and Biggest Reunion 2014

September 16, 2014


In keeping with the tradition of “Peace, Love and Music”, the regulars of the Mod Mill, a club for young adults in Center Valley from 1967 to 1970, will “Get Together” again Sunday, November 9th at the Meadows in Hellertown, [...]

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2013 Update

September 11, 2013

I know our site was down for a while so thanks for checking back.  Since our last reunion in 2010 there seems to be an even stronger interest in keeping our Mod Mill memories alive.  The almost 400 people that came to the reunion at The Meadows in Hellertown and the great support from the [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2010

We have received so much wonderful feedback about the Mod Mill Reunion and wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out and had a great time with us!  We hope you had a blast listening to the bands, rekindled your Mod Mill friendships and created some new memories that night!
Stay tuned as we [...]

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Mod Mill 40th Reunion 2010

January 20, 2010

I’m happy to announce that we have scheduled an “official” 40th Mod Mill Reunion.  It will happen on Sunday. October 31st, 2010 from 3-9pm at the Meadows in Hellertown!  That’s right, since it’s on Halloween, it’s also a costume party!  Although costumes are optional, we will be giving prizes for the best ones.  We’ll have munchies taken right from the [...]

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New Mod Mill E-Mail & Gallery Pages

September 24, 2009

Thanks for coming back to the Mod Mill blog to check out our progress.  To receive automatic updates on all the latest Mod Mill happenings, subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking the orange link in the top right hand corner of the page.  Then, anytime new content is added, you’ll get an update!
And, speaking [...]

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Mod Mill Reunion at Musikfest 2009

August 12, 2009

Thank you to everyone who attended the Mod Mill reunion at Musikfest 2009!  With over 300 in attendance to see the members of The Limits reunited once more, the show was a huge success! Steve Molchany sang “Get Together” and there was dancing in the isles. A special thanks to Kelly Molchany who helped identify [...]

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Welcome to The Mod Mill

July 31, 2009

The last half of the 60’s was a magic time. Like no other.  Some of us kept scrapbooks, some of us didn’t but all of us who lived it have vivid memories.  Those who were not there may want to know more about and maybe take lessons from it.
The Mod Mill was a genuine representation [...]

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